Ropes: Machon and Nivonim

Thomas Felman is our Rosh Havalim (ropes).  He recently graduated from Truman State University, with a double major in political science and philosophy of religion, and plans to attend law school.  This is his 5th summer on Tzevet (staff), and his first as Rosh Havalim.  Thomas stays in great shape year-round by weightlifting.  He views this chug (elective) as a real challenge for the chanichim (campers); for example, there are some chanichim who are afraid of heights.  They test their limits, and then improve their skills and exceed their limits over time.  They learn how to rely on themselves as well as the tzevet, challenge themselves, learn new skills, and ultimately succeed.  Thomas is ably assisted by Rabbi Marc Israel, and Israelis Shaked from Kfar Saba and Eden from Haifa.

Categories: Chugim, Machon, Nivonim, Sports