Rosh Amitzim Ariella Rosen Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!

Hello Amitzim 2010 and friends!


What an incredible summer we had! I am missing all of you right now and am constantly thinking of all of the amazing things we did. Do you remember any of them?


We took some amazing trips, from Six Flags to the Rock Cats baseball game, from Yom Transportation at the airplane and trolley museum to Etgar at Red Apple Farm and Tully Lake. We learned all about the Torah stories in Beresheit and saved camp from a giant flood in our amazing play. We sang and danced in front of camp for Shabbat Tikvah and partied it up at the Tikvah at 40 celebration and our block party. We had amazing Yemei Meyuchad including Yom Simchas, Yom 5 Senses, and Yom World Vacation. We also kept busy on normal days with Shira/Rikud, Sport, Avodah, Chug, and of course swimming in the agam.


Wow! Just thinking about how busy we were this summer is making me tired — I don’t know how we had time to do it all. Amitzim, you accomplished great things — I am so proud of all of you and hope you are having an amazing year. Don’t forget to keep in touch with each other!




Ariella Rosen

Rosh Amitzim 2010

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