Rosh Hinuch Heather Fiedler Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!

We had a great time learning together this year in Hinuch.  We believe in learning by doing and having fun at the same time.  Here are some of the highlights that made our summer special.


· Ilanot campers designed their own super mitzvah heroes as well as their own kashrut symbols.

· Solelim campers learned about guarding their tongues during 1st session.  In 2nd session, they created their own commentaries on Pirkei Avot, Chapters of the Ancestors.

· Shoafim campers created Jewish Identity scrapbooks 1st session.  During 2nd session, Shoafim campers learned about Jews Around the World.

· Magshimimers had choices for electives.  Session 1 Magshimim campers chose from a variety of courses under the heading: “Count on Me and I Can Be Counted” while Session 2 Magshimimers learned about Teva (nature).  Highlights included courses on Judaism and photography, Yiddish storybooks on nature, Fanatical Jews and a special class for just girls.

· Israel was the theme of Bogrim’s summer in Hinuch.  Through using our new Ramah Israel Leadership Initiative curriculum, campers learned about Israeli culture, history, politics, the army and film through fun interactive lessons.

· Machon’s summer of learning was all about social justice.  Learning everything from ethical kashrut to mitzvot of compassion to figuring out how much was too much.  Campers enjoyed integrated learning experiences like creating pieces of art based on Jewish text and Ramah Philanthropy Initiative.  Finally, Machon campers were able to participate in the Beit Midrash Program for campers looking for higher-level opportunities for study while at camp.

· Nivonim completed their camper years with a variety of electives from which to choose.  They learned about everything from Torah, Talmud and Zombies to Foods of the Bible to Theology learning what to look for in a college from a Jewish point of view.  Campers could also opt into the Beit Midrash or Ulpan (Hebrew language study) programs.


Many thanks go out to the teachers who worked so hard and the campers who taught us so much.  Have a great year and we can’t wait to see you next summer!

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