Rosh Sport Stephanie Meadow Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!

We had an amazing summer on Sports Staff!  From all the knowledge that was flown over from Israel with our Mishlachat (our delegation of Israeli staff) to the new ideas that were incorporated from the American staff, everything flowed.  We had our core sports of softball, soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball.  This year we successfully added in a fitness chug (elective activity).  In our new Moadon Hitamlut (fitness center), we had treadmills, an elliptical and stationary bikes.  No matter what sports chug the campers chose, they all left their two-week rotations with new skills and knowledge.


The sports staff was constantly impressed by the improvements each camper showed them.  Campers who couldn’t hit the ball in tennis can now have a rally with their friends.  Chanichim (campers) who didn’t know how to hold a bat can now hit the ball.  During fitness, campers who thought they couldn’t run a mile found they can run much further.


On B-side our inter-camp game days with Berkshires both first month and second month were awesome.  Our teams showed their many talents and also their sportsmanship.  Varsity sports won 8-4, and JV won by the same score, during our second month Yom Berkshires.  Many thanks to the coaches, roshes and campers for a very successful Yom Berkshires, and for an amazing summer.


See you in kayitz '11!


Stephanie Meadow

Rosh Sport 2010

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