Second Session is off to a great start at the Agam!

By Rotem Ad-Epsztein, Rosh Agam

The first few days of second session were very busy in the Agam! Chanichim (campers) on Tzad Aleph (A-Side) started off by meeting their swimming instructors and breaking into their swim groups. Each day all of Tzad Aleph has instructional swim, where they get more comfortable in the water, improve their strokes, and often times, get to the next swim level by the end of the session. We’re so proud of our chanichim for working hard to get better at swimming.

Many of our chanichim all around camp have gotten the opportunity to try our new water park! We now have a whole park of inflatables for chanichim to use during their free swim perek or during bechirot (a perek each day when many different specialty areas are open for chanichim to try out). From the water trampoline, to the Jungle Joe, the water mat, and the rocket (a new favorite), chanichim all have a blast! In the next week, the Agam is excited to host all of the Tzad Bet edot for m’sibot chof (beach parties), where chanichim will get to swim, boat, and use the water park – all for their edah!

Sunday was a great day on the Agam – though it was one of our first days of the summer with some wind and rain (best for boating and sailing!). We were happy to use the day for sand castles and other fun games (see below).

See you at the Agam!


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