Shabbat and The Weekend

Shabbat and the weekend proved to be a very fun and
meaningful period for Machon 2010.


Here is a look in to a few of the tzrifim/bunks and what they have been up to:

The past week in tzrif/bunk 38 has
been wonderful! We are so happy to have a great group of banot/girls.  The first day we had a peulat
tzrif/bunk activity where the girls decorated cups that we had given them and
shared some fun and interesting facts about themselves.  Friday night, Sahar, a mishlachat (an
Israeli brought overseas) tzevet/staff member came and shared some of his
experiences in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).  The banot really enjoyed it and asked some really great
questions.  Tamar Austin shared
with the tzrif that her sister was serving in the IDF and had a chance to
answer some questions as well. 
Rachel Goretsky did a beautiful job reading Torah on Shabbat during the
mincha/afternoon service.  A few of
the banot participated in the staff-camper games on Shabbat such as soccer and
ultimate Frisbee—they came back to the tzrif with huge smiles on their
faces.  We are really looking
forward to an amazing kayitz/summer with the fabulous banot.

-Becca, Shlomit and Gabi


The first week of camp has come and gone, and it has been a
blast in tzrif 52! We have had some great moments together, including some
great soccer, handball, and other various sporting games.  We also have had some serious tzrif
discussions about Israel and the Gilad Shalit situation. To see these ten banim/boys
transform from playing around in one minute, and sitting down and having a
serious, insightful conversation was something that made us extremely proud as
madrichim/counselors. They were all eager to share their opinions, and everyone
wanted to hear Avia’s point of view, being that he is their Israeli madrich.
All the hanichim/campers have been really busy on a day-to-day basis.  Some of their time is spent learning
Ivrit/Hebrew, boating, swimming, climbing the Alpine Tower, playing sports, or
various other activities—there is plenty of fun for everyone! We all look
forward to continuing on our summer of exploration and fun, and we all miss you
back at home!

-Jonah, Avia, and Tal


The banot of tzrif 40 have had an exciting first week in
Machon! We tested our athletic abilities and dancing skills during “Gladiator
Disco Disco” with the rest of the edah/division on Sunday night, and then made
our very own Chia pets during peulat tzrif/bunk activity on Monday.  To top off the long days, Reut, our
miktzo’it/specialist for archery, led us in meditation at bedtime. We’re now
looking forward to a fun day at Six Flags tomorrow!


Kayitz Tov,

Hannah, Sara, Reut, and Rinat



As performers of song and dance at Friday night tefillot/services,
Machon showed the camp how amazingly talented they are. 

But as I watched the edah over the first few hours of
Shabbat, it was not their particular dancing or singing talents that struck
me.  As shira/singing started after
dinner in the ohel/tent, I witnessed a few awesome moments.  First, the edah instinctively broke
away from their tzrif/bunk tables and sang as larger groups consisting of just
the banim and just the banot.  No
tzevet member prompted them to do this. 
This organic shift from smaller groups into larger ones showed our
tzevet that even in a few short days at camp, an edah can grow a tremendous

I could stop here and I would feel as though the first week
was successful and productive.  But
I cannot leave out what happened next. 
After a just a few minutes of shira in their groups of banim and banot,
something even more awesome happened! 
During a responsive song where the shira leaders point to particular
sections to sing, the leaders turned to point to one of our two sections.  However, there were no longer two
sections.  The edah had left their
separate tables and joined as one—they sang and danced as a united edah. 

These moments are clear indicators of our edah taking steps
towards an understanding of what it means for individuals to join and belong to
a community.  But more than that,
it shows their deep desire to do it. 
Often it is the job of the tzevet to
inspire the hanichim to do great things throughout the kayitz/summer.  Yet, as I sat and watched these events
unfolding with a smile from ear to ear, the role reversal could not have been
more evident.  This edah inspired
our tzevet to realize what it really takes to make a wonderful and joyous
community: Friends, Love, Music, and Shabbos Chicken.


Have a great week wherever you are!

We know we will here at Camp Ramah!



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