Shabbat and Tisha Ba’av

Despite a rainy summer, we had lucked out the first six weeks and been able to pray as an entire community on Friday nights outside in the grove.  This week, our luck ran out as rain forced us inside and each Tzad (side) of camp prayed separately.  A-side in the Bet Am Aleph and B-side in the Bet Am Bet.  Both services were fantastic with beautiful and spiritual davening.  The upside of indoors is that the sound is contained and it is easier to hear. 

Friday night shira seemed especially great this week.  The kids were really into it and their knowledge of the songs has grown tremendously.  Shabbat day was gorgeous and the kids enjoyed a lot of wonderful activities as well as down time.

At Seudat Shlishit the song session was the best of the summer.  The tears are beginning to flow as kids contemplate the approaching end of the summer.  Although we still have one full week left, the 8 week campers are definitely feeling the end of camp coming.  This week we will try to keep them busy and productive and enjoying camp.  There is so much to do that this shouldn’t be hard.

The end of Shabbat brought an abrupt shift into Tisha Ba’av.  Each side again separated for age appropriate programming.  On B-side there was a full Eichah reading and on A-side there was a program mixing portions of Eichah with explanations of the history of the day. 

Today, we try to find the right balance of proper remembrance without too much dwelling.  After Mincha, we begin to shift into a more hopeful mood as we appreciate where we are today.  This afternoon we are screening the movie "Praying with Lior".  Ilana Trachtman, who produced and directed the film, will be at camp today and address both sides after their screenings.  The movie should be very inspirational. 

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