It has been an eventful, exciting weekend at Machane
for Bogrim Campers. This Shabbat was Shabbat Bogrim.

After preparing all week, the whole edah performed a song called Yad B’Yad,
which speaks about the unity of the Jewish people.   We
showed off our Israeli dancing skills with a dance that included traditional
Israeli folk steps.

Our edah led
Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv services for the whole camp, in our
outdoor grove.   I cannot think of a more picturesque way to
welcome in Shabbat than sitting in the grove surrounded by the Ramah Community.

Shabbat afternoon our edah planned a special peula
(activity)with Amitzim, our edah for
children with special needs. Together they sang Shabbat songs, played a Shabbat
version of “Shimon Omer” (Simon Says), and had opportunities to get to know
each other.  This program was a great continuation
of our Bogrim buddies programs where Bogrim campers are paired with Amitzim
campers.  Both Bogrim and Amitzim benefit
greatly from this program.  The interactions
they share with Amitzim help create relationships across edot and begin their leadership experiences at camp.

Stay tuned for more exciting Bogrim Updates!


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