Shabbat is Coming

Friday afternoon-calm descends for a few minutes.  It was a great week.  The weather was simply gorgeous today.  Last night and this morning Solelim (entering 6th grade) had their outdoor experience.  Due to the torrential downpour they were not able to sleep outside, but they did have great activities. 

Kishroniya ended with a performance of the band, a cappela, modern dance and the video.  They were great.  The kids seemed proud of their accomplishments.  They were challenged and they had fun. 

Tonight is Bogrim’s (entering 9th grade) Shabbat.  They will perform a song and dance and lead services.  Right now the weather looks pretty good.

It is Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Av and we are about to head into the 9 days leading up to Tisha Ba’av.  We try to balance the historical significance of this time with the need to celebrate where we are today.

Enjoy your Shabbat wherever you are!

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