Shabbat is Coming…and Solelim is SO Happy!!


Solelim has had an incredible first week of second session! We began the session with a great peulat edah (edah activity) of fake speed dating, learning our edah song, and mastering our Super Secret Solelim Handshake. Peulat erev (our evening activity) was filled with more awesome icebreakers, including games like Ninja and Wa, and the creation of an incredible Solelim Banner. Tfilot (prayers) on Thursday morning were accompanied by a guitar, and Solelim voices filled the air with joyous song! Friday after lunch, our Nivonimers came and ran peulot tzrif (bunk activities). They played games like Two Truths and a Lie, and made Shabbatograms with the Solelimers. We have had a busy and amazing week, and can’t wait to bring in Shabbat! Shabbat Shalom from Solelim!!

Tzrif 3 getting ready for Shabbat!


Sisters, Emma and Tova Gelb, lounging outside the misrad (office)

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