Shabbat Magshimim

This past Shabbat was Shabbat Magshimim! Throughout the week, in our yehadut (Judaic studies) periods and some peulot erev (evening activities), we learned a song and dance to perform in front of the entire camp on Friday night. We sang a special new tune to the Psalm for Shabbat (Psalm 92) that we learned from Sally Heckleman, Rosh Shira. We also performed the traditional Israeli Dance Od Lo Ahavti Di, with a special new formation that Samantha Chan, Rosh Rikud, helped us come up with! We had such a blast showing the entire camp that Magshimim is the best edah in camp. After we were done singing and dancing, Hani led the whole camp in Kabbalat Shabbat and Rachel F. led ma’ariv. They made us all so proud. With our great success in mind, we are ready to move into the final week of first session – what is sure to be our best week yet!

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