Shades of Solelim: Yom Sport!!


We gathered as a machane (camp) last night to celebrate 50 years in Palmer. Every edah performed either a song or a dance, and at the end, we watched a great video of camp people talking about how many years they have been here, what their favorite spots are in camp, and why they love it here so much. At the end of this Zimkudiyah (song and dance festival) celebration, Nivonim, the oldest edah, broke out Yom Sport (a day of friendly competition amongst four colors). Solelimers were split up into four colors: adom (red), kachol (blue), yarok (green), and lavan (white). The theme of the day is Disney Heros, and all of the peulot (activities) are related to Disney. We are already off to a great start of good sportsmanship and excellent ruach (spirit) exhibited by all of the teams. At the end of the day, we are all Solelimers, and we are all winners at Machane (Camp) Ramah! Behatzlacha!!

Oren and Brandon proudly representing the Kachol (blue) team at aruchat boker (breakfast)!
Joe is a strong supporter of Yarok (green)!!
Solelim banot (girls) coming together on Yom Sport!
Solelim banot (girls) coming together on Yom Sport!

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