Shalom from Solelim!

Even though our first month is coming to a close we made
sure that this week was jam packed with fun activities to ensure we sent our
chanichim home with a bang! This week we enjoyed making Shabbat candles as part
of our Ramah take home project and a Yom
entitles “yom spy kids” where we learned to be spy’s by working on
communication, teamwork, inclusion of everyone and bunk unity.  We played activities that really made
each bunk work together to perform a common task as one, and in the process
develop our “spy skills”! On Wednesday night we enjoyed a concert from Matt Bar
and Ori Salzberg, the Bible Rappers! Everyone was up and out of their seats
singing along.   As we gear up for our last Shabbat we are sad to see the chanichim go home, but hope to leave
them with some great memories.  We
hope to see everyone in kayitz 2010!

Shabbat Shalom!


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