Shalom from Solelim!



It has been a
wonderful start to the second session! After move in yesterday we were able to
get together as an edah and meet
each other.  We learned our edah song, and played human go fish,
where we were able to learn facts about other people, and see how much we all
have in common! Today we had the chance to play sports, swim in the agam (lake) and choose other activities
to participate in such as drama, archery, omanut
(art), nagarut (woodworking), rikud (dance) and adventure course and shira (song).  Tonight we are getting ready for a concert by the great band
The Shuk led by alumni of Ramah Ami Yares! It has been a really exciting first
day and we cannot wait for all of the great activities we have planned!

Kol Tuv,

Meira and Noah

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