Tzevet Echad — One United Staff

Our staff training for this kayitz (summer) is focused on the theme of Tzevet Echad (One United Staff).  We are working hard during these critical days prior to the arrival of our hanichim (campers) on developing a seamless and integrated staff — whether local or foreign, young or old, first-timers or having served on tzevet (staff) for decades.   The Tzevet Echad programming has already succeeded in creating a supportive and collaborative staff environment that will not only be enjoyable and productive for the tzevet, but also will result in providing the best possible kayitz for our hanichim from Day One.  Of course, the week is full of drafts, spreadsheets, schedules, protocols,  emergency procedures,  brainstorming…and…fun!

The entire tzevet is now on site, gathered from the four corners: US, Israel, Argentina, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, and Mexico.

The buzz…planning great peulot tzrif (bunk activities), great t’fillah (prayer) educational programs, great first day edah (division) activities, writing the edah songs, and more.  We are learning about first aid, emergency procedures, and how to plan developmentally appropriate programming for our hanichim.  This flawless organizing is surpassed only by the excellent team-building activities that foster wonderful camaraderie. Tzevet Echad! One Staff!