Shavua Tov from Solelim!

Shavua Tov!

We have just finished our first Shabbat of second session
and it was truly a beautiful Shabbat. 
Shabbat happens to be my most favorite time of the week and this Shabbat
was no exception.  The sun came out
on Friday and it enabled us to daven tfilot in the beautiful grove with the
entire Machaneh Ramah! It was so nice to be able to daven together as a
Machaneh right in the middle of nature, it really added to our singing and ruach.  Today we had a peulat Shabbat where Shabbat was put on “trial”
which led to a discussion of how we interpret Shabbat today, and how Shabbat can
mean different things for different people.  Every Solelim’er had something to say about what Shabbat means
to them, and it enabled everyone in the edah to see different opinions and
different customs about Shabbat. 
We cannot wait to start the week! Check back soon for more updates! 



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