Shavuah Tov from kocahvim…

We've had a very relaxing and exciting past couple of days.  On Thursday we had a normal day.  The kids had bechirot, they got to go to their chosen activities and all did agam and sport.  On Friday the children had a special day in which each bunk went to activities!  Tzrif(bunk) 10 went to the water trampoline and singing, whereas Tzrif 9 went to boating and art.  After lunch we had an extra special activity, Yom foam!!!  The entire field was covered in foam, and we all had a blast jumping around and playing with the foam.  Shabbat was very relaxing.  We all went to services in the grove and we had a special dinner with singing, dancing, and other festivities!  We are all looking forward to the last week of camp, it's going to be great! 

B'shalom yoav. 

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