“Shir Madness” with Ilanot!


Last night, Ilanot rocked out with a jamming peulat erev called “Shir Madness!” As the name suggests, it was an evening filled with crazy songs, ruach and silliness!

The station “Don’t Forget the Lyrics: Machaneh Ramah Edition” was a big hit as chanichim showed off their knowledge of favorite shira songs with a competitive game modeled after the TV game show.

Everyone got a chance to dance around with energetic “Freeze Rikkud.” While the stereo blasted popular camp rikkud songs, the chanichim danced to the choreographed dances they have been learning this summer. But once the music stopped, they stood still like a statue, excited to dance some more.

The fun didn’t stop there! Chanichim got a chance to be silly and put a twist on favorite songs at the “Musical Mad Libs” station. Each chanich contributed by filling in the mad lib and giggled when they heard hit songs transformed into comical compositions.

After regrouping and singing “Rad HaYom” in a big edah circle, the chanichim returned to their tzrifim singing and laughing, excited to refresh for tomorrow’s adventures.

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