Shisha Degalim (Six Flags): More buses, more fun!

Today the entire Machane loaded on to buses and went to Six Flags for the day.  This is one of our favorite days of the kayitz (summer).  We had a staggered start with each Tzad leaving from the chadar ochel (dinning hall) immediately after their aruchat boker (breakfast).  Chanichim arrived at aruchat boker ready for the day with hats, water bottles, sunscreen and anything else that they might need for a fun day in the sun.

A few days prior to departure, madrichim divide the chanichim (campers) into small groups based upon the type of rides they enjoy the most. At least one madrich is assigned per group. There are extreme roller coaster groups, water park only groups, groups that like gentle rides, groups that want to do a mixture of rides and water fun activities. etc.

On the bus, chanichim put on the wrist bands that allow them to have access to the Pavilion, a picnic area in the park where we eat aruchat tzohorim.  The pavilion is staffed the entire day with nurses, roshim and yoetzot, and the roshim also have designated shmira (guard) duty at different key spots around the park to make sure that everyone is safe and having fun.

Once at the park, each group planned their own schedule in order to maximize their fun.  Tzad Aleph typically gathers at the pavilion at around 1:20 for aruchat tzohorim (lunch) and Tzad Bet eats at around 2:00, although each group is allowed to keep the schedule that works best for them. The goal of the day is KEF (fun)!

And, of course, what trip to Six Flags would be complete without hanging out with characters, eating yummy treats (only cold dairy or food that has a hechshir is allowed), and a little bit of shopping. Each chanich gets $10 to spend in the park. The most common purchase is ice-cream with superhero capes a close second.

Tzad Aleph left the park first, at 5:30, and Tzad Bet followed an hour later. As a special treat for Adat Ha-Nivonim, they left with Tzad Aleph and returned with Tzad Bet in order to get the maximum amount of time available at the theme park.

Chef Sean had BBQ waiting for everyone as soon as they arrived home.  It was truly a glorious day!