Shoafim 2016!!! Shavua HaRishon (The First Week)


Shoafim 2016 is off to a great start! Yesterday, the chanichim (campers) went to many chugim (activities), such as ropes, sharpie art, cooking, and hockey. Everyone had a really great time! After aruchat erev (dinner), we had our first medurah (campfire). It was a blast—we sang, danced, and made s’mores together. This morning, chanichim participated in T’fillah aerobics! Lead by several madrichim (counselors), we did some classic moves such as the “hagbah galilah,” “wrap the tefillin,” “and bow, bow, forward now!” This peulah (activity) really got the  chanichim excited for the first Shabbat! We are all looking forward to a restful, peaceful, and enjoyable Shabbat.IMG_8343

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