Shoafim and Amitzim team up to learn fun facts about camp

Shoafim and Amitzim combined for a joint peulat erev (evening activity) on Monday night.  The edot were divided into six groups with chanichim (campers) from both edot in all of the groups. Each group completed a series of challenges related to their knowledge of camp.  For example, the groups had to list all of the Nivonimim roshim from 2000 until today. They also had some creative challenges to complete such as creating a tzrif (bunk) using construction paper, popsicle sticks and other craft materials and creating a skit of their favorite camp activities.

The groups had a great time getting to know each other and completing these challenges together.  The peulah concluded with each group presenting their work to the judges.  What a fun evening for both edot!

Categories: Amitzim, Shoafim