Even More Skills: Shoafim and Tefillin

Our Shoafim chanichim (campers) continue to acquire skills and transform into young Jewish adults before our very eyes, under the loving and capable tutelage of our Tzevet Hinuch (education staff).  Picture above and below are our Educators Rabbi Elliot Goldberg, Tami Arnowitz, Rabbi Jeffrey Ackerman, and Shani Balter Calderon giving hands-on instructions about Tefillin.  The chanichim learn the difference between the “shel yad” and “shel rosh”; where exactly to place those 2 boxes; how many times, where, and how tight or loose to wrap; the special brachot recited (written on the white sheets of paper the chanichim are holding up for their partners to read while wrapping the tefillin) and more.  What a beautifully inspiring sight in our Hursha (grove)!


Categories: Hinuch, Shoafim, Tefillot