Shoafim and the It’s a Good Life Chug — Part 2!


The other day I wrote about the special chug that we run only for edat ha-Shoafim: the “It’s a Good Life” chug!  This has been a tradition going on almost 20 years now.

So what do we actually DO in the chug?

Well, our primary emphasis is on fun and silliness.  Here are some photos from an event in which the Good Lifers made candy portraits of Karen (Rosh Shoafim) and me:


Here are photos from our t-shirt scavenger hunt.  It’s sort of “steal the afikomen” but with lots and lots of old Ramah t-shirts.  The kids had to comb through the old Ramah shirts to find whatever I’d call out — an image, a name, etc.



Coming up next week: The “It’s a Good Life” seder!  I will try to post photos of that…