Shoafim celebrates Shabbat!


Every week at camp, a different edah is assigned to a different Shabbat and this past Shabbat was Shoafim Shabbat! We performed a song and dance, both of which we had spent many days practicing. We also led the camp in lighting Shabbat candles, Friday night tefilot (services), Kiddush (blessing over the wine), and Hamotzi (blessing over the Challah). Enjoy the video clip of our dance and the accompanying picture as snapshots of our wonderful Shabbat!

At nighttime, after dinner, the Shoafim hanichim (campers) organized their own tish (Shabbat party)! Each tzrif (bunk) was in charge of contributing something different: Bunk 7 decorated the room with balloons and banners, Bunk 8 baked brownies for the whole edah (unit) (65 campers and 20 counselors!), Bunk 9 taught a tune and hand motions to the song "Tsur Mishelo," Bunk 25 led the edah in the song "Tov L'hodot," and Bunk 35 told and acted out their very own story! The tish party was a wonderful opportunity for the edah to bond over song, snacks, and shmoozing and enjoy staying up late at night!



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