Shoafim Conquers Tzad Bet!


Yesterday, Shoafim had a blast with Yom Kibush Tzad Bet (Take Over B-Side)! While the rest of tzad aleph (A-Side) had a special day of fun together, Shoafim had their very own themed day geared towards the unique life of a 12-year-old (both in and out of camp).

All of tzad bet was out of camp yesterday playing different sports against Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. We knew that this would be a great opportunity for Shoafim to prepare for their transition to B-Side next summer and claim the new territory as their own.

We started off the morning discussing different types of symbols and what they represent. We talked about how we represent ourselves, and how over the next year, many of our chanichim (campers) will be figuring out how to represent themselves as b’nei mitzvah, and as Magshimim campers next summer. Then, as an edah (unit), we painted a large banner that said “Magshimim 2013” on it to be hung on tzad bet post-capture.

To further get into the mindset of a tzad bet camper, we had our very own Kishroniya. Kishroniya is a special time each summer when different specialists come into camp and work with groups of B-Siders on skills such as Ultimate Frisbee, A Cappella, and Sculpture Making. As a little twist, our Kishroniya options were slightly more ridiculous. All of our chanichim rotated among the following life-applicable specialties: Edible Jewelry Making, Palm Reading, Origami and Ramah Band (with toy instruments). Each activity was enjoyed very much by all madrichim (counselors) and chanichim.


After aruchat tzohorayim (lunch) and a rejuvenating sha’at menucha (rest hour), we gathered once again to begin the real conquest. Face paint was applied and inspiring words were spoken. All of the chanichim rushed tzad bet together as the tzevet (staff) blasted music from speakers around them. When they reached the outskirts of B-Side, all campers were provided with necessary energy drinks to prepare them for the road ahead (also known as Mott’s apple juice).


From there, we spent the afternoon laying claim to different pieces of tzad bet through completing challenges related to B-Side activities. For example, in the old K’far Nivonim (Nivonim Village), we discussed how as the oldest edah in camp, Nivonim has more responsibility but also more privileges. They play the game Assasins where they are each assigned another camper to “kill” in a funny way like throwing a sock at someone or smearing sunblock on them. In honor of the game, we played assassins tag, tagging each other with stickers to get someone out. After each game or activity was completed, we planted an edah flag as a symbol of having conquered that area.

After conquering all plots of tzad bet, we ate dinner and celebrated our victory!! We hung our banner up on B-Side, and finished the day with an exciting B-Side dance similar to the dance that tzad bet has on the last night of camp each session. We played bar-mitzvah games and jammed out to fun music in honor of the B-Side takeover!

All in all, Yom Kibush Tzad Bet was a complete success! Our Shoafim chanichim started the big move from tzad aleph to tzad bet, both mentally and physically. I would say that these kids are almost ready to say welcome to Magshimim 2013!!


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