Shoafim Does Yom Sport!


This week, Nivonim took the camp by storm and led all of the edot in a spectacular Yom Sport! Luckily for us, Shoafim (and the rest of tzad aleph) got to hold a special role in the beginning of the daylong event.

Each year, the date of Yom Sport is a surprise to all of the edot in camp except for the Nivonim chanichim (campers) who plan the entire day. On Monday, our MINI’s came to lunch as a special treat to our campers and madrichim (counselors). Afterward, they returned to tzad aleph with us and joined their respective bunks for sha’at menucha (rest hour).

Each MINI planned a different peulat tzrif to begin with his or her bunk, and in different creative ways broke out Yom Sport to the tzrif. Typically, breakout is a big ordeal that involves many whistles, lots of excitement, and a large all-camp gathering. Breakout by tzrif was already an unorthodox and new approach.

It was a very fun experience for me and the other roshim (unit heads) to stand in the middle of the migrash (field) and hear the shouts of surprise and excitement come sporadically from the tzrifim as each group of chanichim discovered it was Yom Sport.

The following wonderfully adorable process began: Each camper was instructed to change into his or her color (red, white, blue or green) and line up by team out on the migrash. The MINI’s pumped everyone up with cheers and pep talks, and each color stood up, held hands, and was told to be very, very quiet.

In complete (and unusual) silence, all of tzad aleph marched over to tzad bet by color and hid outside of the Beit Am Gadol where the older edot were doing mincha (afternoon prayer). On Nivonim’s command, Shoafim and their younger counterparts rushed into the building screaming and jumping for Yom Sport! It was an incredible opportunity for our chanichim as the leaders of A-Side to actually participate in a Yom Sport breakout. It was overwhelmingly cute and extremely thrilling!

On Tuesday, the kids competed in a series of sports, games and contests for their colors. Everyone had a great time and worked hard with lots of ruach for their teams! I was so proud to see Shoafim representation at several different events. It was a long and fun-filled day that I enjoyed very much and so did all of the chanichim!


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