Shoafim “It’s a Good Life” Chug Photo Scavenger Hunt!


This year we are excited to continue the proud Shoafim tradition of the “It’s a Good Life” Chug!  Begun many years ago by Mike Pletman (Rosh Tzad Aleph in the nineties), our Roshei Shoafim and I  have been running this crazy chug for edat ha-Shoafim ever since.  This past Friday, our Good-Lifers engaged in an annual Good Life chug tradition — our super awesome extra special chocolate-covered photo scavenger hunt!  The kids split into kvutzot (groups) and tried to capture as many as possible of the photos from the list of 13 photos that Merav (Rosh Shoafim) and I challenged them with.  Here are some of their photos:

On duty at the guard-house:

Answering the phone in the misrad (main office):

Dunking a basketball:

This group came up with a creative solution to that one:

As did this group:

Being rescued by a member of tzevet agam (our waterfront staff):