Shoafim “It’s a Good Life” Chug Photo Scavenger Hunt!


One of the sillier activities we run at Camp Ramah is the "It's a Good Life" chug for Shoafim.  We've been offering this as a special chug (elective activity) for Shoafim campers for many, many years now.  Interested campers join me and Rami Schwartzer (Rosh Shoafim) during their free time once or twice a week to partake of silly, fun activities.

This afternoon we ran a photo scavenger hunt.  The Good Lifers were divided into kvutzot (groups), and each group had a list of 13 silly photographs that they needed to take.  Rami and I were delighted by the campers' creativity and ingenuity in finding ways to take the photos!

One of the challenges was to take a photo dunking a basketball.  Here's one group's solution:

GoodLife 3001

Another challenge was to take a photo of the group serving Jackie (our Dining Room Manager) a bowl of soup.  Here's one group's photo of that:

GoodLife 004 

We asked the Good Lifers to take a photo of themselves with Evelyn Dragat Rubenstein.  One of the groups found her!

GoodLife 4011
We also asked the groups to take a photo of themselves arm-wrestling with Rabbi Gelb.  Only one group managed that one!

GoodLife 4006