Shoafim It’s a Good Life Chug Time Capsule!


It's become something of a tradition for the Shoafim campers in the "It's a Good Life" chug to create a time-capsule at the end of the summer.  This past Friday, before Shabbat, this year's Shoafimers created their time capsule, which we'll open when they are in Nivonim (in 2015). 

Each camper wrote a note to their future Nivonim self, listed their favorite Shoafim 2011 memories, and put one object into the time capsule.

I look forward to opening the time capsule with all of these Good Life kids in 2015!

We also took this photo, and put it into the time capsule, so we can remember what we all looked like in August, 2011.

GoodLifeChug 004