Shoafim Knows More Flags = More Fun!


Today was one of the most longed for days of the summer—Yom Six Flags!! After aruchat boker (breakfast), all of tzad aleph (A-side) hopped on buses and headed over to Agawam, Massachusetts (surprisingly known for nothing but Six Flags New England). Though it was the second trip to the amusement park for full summer chanichim (campers), it was the first time for all of our second session kids and everyone (very much including myself) was extremely excited!


I spent most of the day at the wave pool and other bits of the water park so I was unable to fully photograph the day. Fortunately, I caught a few pictures to share the fun of Six Flags with all of you.

One of the funniest parts of bringing the whole machane (camp) to Six Flags is the trek back to the buses from the front gates at the end of the day. After playing games at the park, many of the chanichim return to camp with oversized stuffed animals or silly hats. Watching the younger campers carry their large prizes down the hill and onto the school buses is always a fun moment. Here you can see one of my favorite prizes of the day:

After a long day of fun, sun and walking around, we had a cookout back at camp and then the kids were in for another exciting surprise! The Bible Players, an improv/comedy duo from New York City, have been in camp all week working on special workshops for tzad bet (B-side) campers. Lucky for us, they were willing to give our campers a special performance!

The Bible Players entertained us with very silly and witty sketches of biblical scenes that both engaged all of the chanichim and taught them some important bits of Torah as well as Hebrew vocabulary. There were lots of laughs, and it was a great end to a great day!

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