Shoafim Madrich Introductions!

Our Shoafim madrichim (counselors) are excited to meet all of our hanichim (campers) tomorrow!!

Tzrif 15

Hey Tzrif 15!!! My name is Elianna Israel and I am so excited to be your madricha (counselor) in Shoafim for my 12th kayitz at Ramah and my second as a madricha! I was born in Washington, DC but have been living in Philadelphia for the past 6 years. I recently graduated from Barrack Hebrew Academy and will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. I love playing sports and played on the basketball and soccer teams in high school.  We are going to have such an incredible kayitz together, whether it be swimming in the agam, making tons of new friends, or dancing both in the Tzrif and with the rest of the Machaneh!! I am so excited to see all of you soon in Palmer!!!

Shalom tzrif 15! My name is Nell Schwartz and I can’t wait to be your madricha this Kayitz! This will be my 9th summer at camp and my 1st year on staff. I just graduated high school and I am going to Syracuse University next year where I will be studying journalism and reporting. I love to dance, cook, and play but most of all I love Machaneh (Camp) Ramah! I know this summer is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to meet you all so soon!

Shalom Tzrif 15!!! My name is Arielle Lavi, and I am so excited for this upcoming kayitz (summer) with you all! A little bit about me: I am from Woodbridge, CT and will be attending Brandeis University in the fall. I have been spending my summers at Ramah since I was 10 years old, and this will be my 7th summer here. I love to sing and was part of a Jewish teen choir called HaZamir all throughout high school. I was also on my high school swim team and love being in the water. I remember my Shoafim summer being filled with laughs, silliness, and memorable times (including Mad Libs and friendship bracelets). I cannot wait to have dance parties around the bunk, sing zmirot (songs) on Shabbat, and get to know each one of you and what makes you special!

Tzrif 17

Shalom! My name is Zoe Blumenfeld and I am so excited to be your madrichah (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! Shoafim was my first year at machane (camp) Ramah and one of my favorite summers! I am from Columbus, Ohio and I will be going to the Ohio State University next year. I love making string friendship bracelets, knitting, and dancing! My favorite parts of camp are shira (singing), rikud (dancing), and spending Shabbat with friends! I can’t wait to meet you all and have an amazing kayitz!

Shalom! I’m Noa Shapira, and I’m from Israel. I am 22 years old. I just completed my service as a soldier in the IDF, where my position was operating electronic weapons in the air-force. I’m sooo excited for the weeks ahead that I’ll spend with you at Camp Ramah. I have lots of stories to share with you about Israel, and I’m interested to hear from you about your hobbies, points of interest, & life in the States. If you like basketball – please count me in for the first game. I love it. I also like to hike, bake & share time with friends. I can’t wait to meet you soon, have many Chavayot (fun times), and to become close friends.  Le’Hitra’ot (see you soon)!

Hey, everyone, I’m Yuval Harpaz! I can’t wait to spend this kayitz (summer) with you! I’m coming from Israel to be your madricha (counselor), and am very excited to spend the summer with tzrif 17! I love rikud (dancing), and my favorite color is yellow. I encourage everyone to bring a little notebook for the kayitz, to make it your “kayitz journal.” I’ll bring one too.  I’m excited to meet you all soon!  This is going to be an amazing kayitz together!

Tzrif 36

Hi, tzrif (bunk) 36! My name is Liam Shemesh and I’m super excited to be your madrich (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! This is my eighth kayitz at camp, and my first full summer as a madrich. I was a counselor last kayitz for three weeks, and it was one of my favorite experiences of all time. After camp, I will begin my freshman year at Skidmore College. I’m going to be spending my first semester in London, England on a special program through Skidmore, and I’m really excited to explore the city. I love hiking and reading, as well as playing soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. I can’t wait to have tons of fun together as a tzrif (bunk) and as an edah (division). Whether this is your first summer at camp or your eighth, we are going to make this the best kayitz yet!

Shalom everyone!! My name is Roy Alshech and I will be your madrich this summer. I’m 24 years old from Beer Yakov in Israel. This is my first summer in Palmer, and I am so excited for it! I’m sure this summer will be an amazing experience full of fun. I can’t wait to finally meet you all and get to know you better. I’m here to make sure that our summer is going to be awesome and that you go back home and share all of it with your friends and family. I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Hi, my name is Bennett Werbel and I am so excited to be your madrich (counselor) for Kayitz 2019!! I was a chanich (camper) for 9 years and now I can’t wait to be your madrich (counselor)!! As a chanich (camper), I loved playing sports such as soccer, football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. This summer, I cannot wait to go boating, play gaga, and go to Six Flags with you guys. I want this to be your best kayitz yet as I loved my Shoafim kayitz. I can’t wait to meet you all and make this the best kayitz ever!

Tzrif 37

Hi! My name is Josh Strauss and I could not be more excited to be your madrich (counselor) for kayitz 2k19!!! I am a rising Junior at Elon University and some of my favorite pastimes include Ultimate frisbee, playing the saxophone, and goofing around at Machane Ramah! I was a chanich (camper) at Machane Ramah for 7 years and this is my 3rd kayitz on staff. I am looking forward to playing tons of ultimate frisbee with you all and showing everyone that we are the best tzrif in the Machane! I cannot wait to meet all of you and have an incredible Kayitz! Machane Ramah is the best place in the world to make new friends that you will have for the rest of your life and I am so excited to share this amazing experience with all of you!

Hey Banim (boys)!! My name is Eric Kruglak and I live in the Boston suburbs. Here’s a little bit for you guys to know about me: I just graduated from Gann Academy and I will spend my next four years studying business at the Washington University in St. Louis. This kayitz (summer) is my 10th (from Kochavim 2009 through Nivonim 2017) at machane Ramah (Camp Ramah) and I am super excited to be with all of you. In addition to being your madrich (counselor) this kayitz, I am also going to be spending part of my day on tzevet chavalim (ropes staff) helping you and your friends climb the amazing alpine tower! At camp, I always enjoy throwing a frisbee with friends, playing tennis, participating in shira (singing), or showing some ruach (spirit) for yom sport (color war). I look forward to sharing all of my favorite things with you guys and learning about all of the awesome things that you love to do. I can already tell that this kayitz is going to be extremely special and I can’t wait to get to spend it with you guys, the kings of Tzad Aleph (A-Side)!

Hi, I’m Max Portnoy, and I’m so excited to be your מדריך/madrich (counselor) this summer! I just graduated from the Charles E Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD, and I will be going to Indiana University in the fall. I have two younger brothers, Brandon in מכון /Machon, and Tyler in סוללים/Solelim. In addition to being your counselor, I am also going to be working on ropes staff this summer, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to meet all of you, and it will be so fun to participate in so many פעולות/peulot (activities) with you! I’ll be working to make sure that you have the time of your lives at מחנה/machane (camp) and I hope you are all as excited as I am to be at Ramah this summer!