Shoafim: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Talit, Tefillin, Hagba and more…

Rabbi Elliot Goldberg, Rosh Hinuch (education), is the architect of a specialized curriculum designed for our Shoafim chanichim (campers), that imparts hands-on instruction about the rituals and practices that Jewish adults regularly perform.  For example, he describes this panel discussion: “This summer in Hinuch, Adat HaShoafim are exploring what it means to become a Jewish adult.  On Sunday, chanichim (campers) heard from members of the tzevet (staff) and Nivonim chanichim about personal experiences with talit and tefillin.  Later in the week, chanichim in Shoafim will all have the opportunity to explore the mitzvah of  tefillin by trying on a pair themselves.”

Panel members, pictured above, left to right: Tami Arnowitz (visiting educator), Adria Blumenthal (Nivonim chanicha), Gabe Mitchell (Shoafim yoetz), Sarah Binney (Shoafim madricha), Ben Kotton (nivonim chanich)

The chanichim were attentive, receptive, and has some good, insightful questions for the panelists. (photos below)

On Monday in hinuch, chanichim in Shoafim continued their exploration of rituals that you begin to do when you become a bar/bat mitzvah. The chanichim learned step-by-step how to do hagbah (see photos, below, of Shoafim chanichim being guided by Rabbi Elliot Goldberg), have an Aliyah, carry the Torah, shake hands, and respond to a yasher koach (by saying baruch tehiyeh). All in all, great hands-on educational experiences to prepare for Jewish adulthood!

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