Shoafim Reaches New Heights!

Camp has officially been kicked into gear. After an awesome first two days, Shoafim decided that we needed to test our wilderness skills and headed to the treehouse for our Etgar (overnight trip; literally: “challenge”).

We began our trip with a scavenger hunt around camp, searching under rocks for clues that would lead us to deciphering our map. The tzrifim (bunks) competed in the activity, as well as in tent-building, cooking, and gathering wood for the campfire. After some fierce competition, the victorious Tzrif 35 was given the privilege of sleeping in the treehouse while the rest of the edah slept in tents around it.

We made dinner, roasted marshmallows, made smores, and had time to schmooze with friends in our tents. We woke up the next morning, packed up our tents, and enjoyed a delicious Oatmeal Sundae Bar before heading back to camp.

Perfect weather to boot, Shoafim had a blast on Etgar, whether they were on the ground or up in the air!

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