Shoafim “superheroes” save the world!


Last week, Shoafim returned from our Etgar overnight camping trip to enjoy Yom Giboriyim (Superhero Day)! In the beginning of the day, the edah was presented with the following challenge: Carmen Sandiego is taking away all of the good and acts of lovingkindness from the world and, more specifically, from Shoafim. Shoafim's mission is to save the world from the wrath of Carmen Sandiego by becoming superheroes and restoring lovingkindness to Shoafim.

First, we had to learn how to be superheroes! In the morning, the hanichim (campers) attended "superhero training school" in which they rotated through stations that taught them the esstential skills to being a superhero, including decoding riddles and writing encrypted messages, building technological gadgets with candy, learning the basics of Krav Maga (defense moves used by the Israeli Army), completing an obstacle course, and developing an immunity to poison by blind-tasting different concocations and identifying its ingredients. 

In the afternoon, the hanichim put their superhero training to good use by trying to restore lovingkindness to the edah. The edah was split up into groups. Each group received a different set of supplies with which they could create something to save the edah and the world. One group blew up balloons for the whole edah with uplifting cheerful messages written on them. Another group baked chocolate chip cookies for the whole edah. Once each group completed their task, they received a puzzle piece of the "world." All of the groups presented what they created at the end of the hour and put their puzzle pieces together to make a big picture of the "world," thus indicating that the world had indeed been saved. From this activity, we learned how every small act of lovingkindness (like a cheerful message) can help save the world. 

In the evening, the edah learned about Jewish heroes. The edah split up into groups and discussed what makes a Jewish hero. They then each received a famous Jewish hero (Chana Senesh, King David, Samson, etc.) about whom they created a skit that depicted that person's heroism. They then all performed their skits in front of the edah. It was a lot of fun engage in meaningful discussion and to see camper's talent shine through on stage!P7050247

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