Shoafim: Tefilla on Tisha B’Av

Shoafim chanichim (campers) had a somewhat subdued Tefilla this morning, as we commemorate the holiday of Tisha B’av.  The prayers are said in a monotone, we sit on the floor, and special liturgy is recited for this fast day.  Despite the somber nature of this day, the madrichim (counsleors) and entire Tzevet (staff) have done a great job in ensuring that our chanichim understood the meaning and history of the holiday, while still embracing hope and optimism.

Rosh Edah Emma Neusner led an activity after Tefilla, reviewing the concepts of “sinat hinam” (baseless hatred) and “ahavat hinam” (baseless love, or random acts of lovingkindness).   The chanichim then wrote notes of “ahavat hinam” for people around our machane (camp), and will hand deliver them during the day today, so that we make sure to practice acts of “ahavat hinam”.


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