Shoafim: T’fila and Say it Out Loud Sunday

Yesterday adat-haShoafim chanichim (campers) had a robust t’fila facing the beautiful agam (lake) speckled with sunlight.  Or Hadash was accompanied with hand motions showing the sun.  Midway through the t’fila, the chanichim began to learn the song “Al Kol Eleh” by Naomi Shemer.  We sing this song at our camp-wide Seuda Shlishit (third meal) every Shabbat afternoon.  Also special today was the recitation of the entire Amida outloud, as Sunday is “Say it Out Loud Day”.  The T’fila concluded with Adon Olam to one of the all-time favorite tunes: Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The announcements included: Yom Ragil! (regular schedule), plus Yom Makolet (canteen) and Change your Sheets Day.  Then, off to aruchat boker (breakfast) in our beautiful new Chadar Ochel (dining room).




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