Shoafim-Where in Israel are you?

This week has been so exciting for Shoafim!

Sunday night’s peulat erev (night activity) was run by our eidah’s own mishlachat (Israeli counselors). The activity was a scavenger hunt based on learning about  specific cities in Israel and information about them. The eidah was split into several groups. At the end of each station the group had to decode a message about a city in Israel. When they completed the code they were given two papers with cities in Israel written on them and sent to their next station.

There were several different stations.  For instance, in the Jerusalem station the group had to come up with a sign that showed how many religions live within the city. In the Tel Aviv station the groups were given an American song and had to translate the song into hebrew words to show how Tel Aviv is very central to the entertainment in Israel. At the Mt. Hermon stain the group had to build a human pyramid to represent the tallest mountain in Israel.

At the end of the peulat erev the groups came together.On the floor was a map of Israel. Each group took the papers they were given with different cities written on them and had to place them on the map.


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