Shoafimers Working Together

It has been such a pleasure to welcome new campers and those returning to Edat Shoafim Kayitz 2012.

Two nights ago the Shoafimers spent their peulat erev (night activity)working together in groups in order to accomplish the goal of creating a welcome sign for the edah. Each group was given a specific task to accomplish and at the end of their session the group was given a puzzle piece. At the end of the peulah all the groups came together to connect the puzzle pieces into a sign that read Shoafim 2012 which was hung up in our Moadon. They then created a giant circle, held hands to sing Rad Hayom and said laila tov.

Last night the edah came together once again to solve the mystery of which counselor had “captured” the rosh edah. The edah was split into their bunks and at each station they came to, there was a suspect with an alibi and a clue to solve the mystery. At the end of the peulah the entire edah had to put their clues together to find out who the culprit was and where to find the rosh. They all then raced together as one group to reclaim her.

Shoafim’s goal, in conjunction with the camp’s summer theme of Makom Kadosh, is to create community through cooperation. Both of these peulot marked the beginning of our quest for edah unity!


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