Shoafim’s First Few Days, A Success!

Camp is off to a spectacular start for Shoafim.  Our group of 51 hanichim (campers) is settling comfortably into its role as the oldest edah (unit) on A-side; already they learned their edah song, to the tune of a popular march from the Israeli army, and have spread their positive spirit to the rest of camp.  With only 48 hours of camp behind us, we have made sure to waste no time.  The hanichim are well into their choice activities (chugim).  Many are on their way up the Alpine tower on our Adventure/Ropes Course, training with our talented sports/fitness staff, and designing their creations in our various arts and woodworking classes.  Our first two peulot erev (evening activities), gave the hanichim the chance to get to know other hanichim in their bunk and in the edah, as well as to develop a sense of edah unity and identity.  Please see the photo galleries on the camp website for a look at how those peulot have been going.  Just last night, the hanichim were challenged to use randomly-chosen items from their bunks in order to creatively design shelters that could survive a rain storm.  Ironically, this creativity will come in handy later this evening, as our edah prepares for its overnight camping trip in the woods just beyond our B-side campus, where our Teva (outdoor) staff will assist us in cooking dinner, setting up tents, and building a campfire.  All of the hanichim are very excited.

Please check back for more updates from Shoafim 2010!

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