Sign up for Kayitz 2011 and freeze your tuition at 2010 rates!

You may have seen our dates for next summer (Kayitz 2011) in last week's newsletter.  Camp is starting a week later both in
response to parent input and school calendars within our region. 


Beginning this Sunday, July 18th you may
register for next summer at this summer's regular rates.  For
those of you joining us on Sunday for Visiting Day, if you enroll while at camp,
you will receive a fabulous gym bag with the Camp Ramah in New England
logo (one per registered camper).  Registration forms will be available at the misrad (office) from 10 am to 3 pm. 


Dates for Kayitz


Tuesday, June 28:       First
and full session begin

Sunday, July 24:          End of first
session:  Visiting Day for full session campers

Tuesday, July 26:        Second
session and mini-session A begin

Sunday, August 7:       End of
mini-session A

Tuesday, August 9:     Mini-session
B begins  

Sunday, August 21:     End of
mini-session B, second session and full session

If you would like to sign up early and are not able to come on Sunday, we will begin early registration on Monday, July 19th.  Check the website for details. 

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