Six Flags and Beating the Heat!

Today, the entire camp is heading to Six Flags.  The good news is that it should be sunny and hot.  Of course this sun and heat comes with important safety precautions.  In staff training and in meetings this week we reminded the madrichim (counselors) to make sure that all the chanichim (campers) are wearing sunscreen, hats and are drinking lots of water.  At Six Flags we have a few private pavilions where we keep our lunch and our nurses and some of our senior staff are stationed.  We make sure, at lunch, that the campers are drinking enough and re-applying sunscreen.

Because not every chanich likes the same type of rides and activities at Six Flags each edah divides the chanichim into small groups led by a counselor based on the type of day they want to have.  For example, there are water park groups, extreme roller coaster groups, kiddie ride groups, and mixed activities (roller coasters in morning and water park in afternoon) groups.  The groups stay with their counselor to make sure everyone is accounted for.  Senior staff are stationed in key areas around the park to make sure everyone is doing well.

Six Flags is a highlight for many of our chanichim and the staff work hard to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy.  More flags, more fun!

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