Six Flags Peulat Erev and More Shira with Amichai Margolis!

Tuesday night was so action packed with a post-aruchat erev (dinner) shira (singing) with Amichai Margolis who played Y’hay, Shir Ramah, and a few other favorites. The Kochavimers had so much fun getting into the music! After Aruchat Erev, we had a special peulat erev where we prepared ourselves for Six Flags. We split into our Six Flags groups and learned about each other. All the groups then picked a rule about six flags and performed a charades skit that the other chanichim (campers) had to guess what rule they were acting out. All the kochavimers laughed so much and learned the rules for Six Flags very well. We are all excited to go on Wednesday! See pictures from below. IMG_5331 IMG_5326


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