Soccer & Volleyball Chugim (electives): adat ha-Solelim and adat ha-Shoafim

Joe Tibbs (pictured above) was our Soccer coach for 2nd session.  During the year, Joe coaches men’s soccer at Fisher College in Boston.  This is Joe’s first summer at Ramah Palmer, and he has found that the kids are great.  He also is enjoying learning about Judaism, and has learned 3 words in Hebrew: Kadur (ball), Machane (camp) and Ramah (height).

Liam Shemesh, volleyball coach, was the captain of his High School volleyball team.  He is doing a great job of putting these chanichim (campers) through the drills that improve skills and develop teamwork.

Here are the Solelim and Shoafim Chug participants — serious pose? silly pose? who knows?

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