Solelim and Boat Safety: Not as Easy as it Looks!

Critical safety matter: how to right a capsized canoe effectively and safely? Thanks to our tzevet Agam (lake staff) and tzevet Sirot (boating staff), our Solelim chanichim (campers) learned how to do this, step by step, this morning at Palmer.  They carefully accomplished this task, by using excellent communication and teamwork skills.  Their confidence increased as the exercise progressed, guided by our tireless tzevet (including David Green, Erez and Raz, photos below) who were with them all the way.

To be specific: the chanichim were in the canoes; one canoe was flipped; the chanichim had to haul the canoe on top of another canoe; empty out the water; flip it to right side up very carefully; ease it back in to the water; and then the capsized chanichim had to hoist themselves back in to the canoe.   Coast Guard: here we come!



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