Solelim at Yom Sport…We’ve Got RUACH (spirit)!!!!


    Solelim competed yesterday, along with the rest of Machane Ramah, in a day we like to call Yom Sport. They were divided into groups based on the colors Adom (red), Kachol (blue), Lavan (white), and Yarok (green) and sent to participate in different sports and activities. Some of the activities included gaga (fun ball game), soccer, Israeli Map-making with candy, Minute-to-Win-It (a set of household challenges based on the TV show), kickball, bocce, scrabble, basketball, fingerpainting, dodgeball, and charades. 

    Throughout the day the kids cheered for their respective teams and showed lots of Ruach. They had team meetings, created banners, dances, and songs in Hebrew, enjoyed a silent lunch, and participated in a full-camp relay race called the "Apache Relay." All in all the chanichim (campers) had a wonderfully busy, but exciting day!




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