Solelim Banot Etgar (Girlgar)


On Monday, 2 July, the Solelim girls went off on their outdoor adventure experience, called Etgar.

After setting up our things and making delicious mac and cheese with onions and peppers, we sat around a campfire and sang songs about America, fitting with our theme of the USA as a Makom Kadosh. Then we ate s’mores, brushed our teeth, and headed off to bed. When we woke up, we drank hot chocolate with Noah Slovin, Rosh Teva.

We davened/prayed Shacharit/the morning service in the woods, which was very meaningful and prayerful, especially during the Amidah where we were allowed to reflect on our experience silently in our own personal places around the tree house. We read the poem “When I Heard the Learned Astronomer” by Walt Whitman, the great American poet, and discussed what it means to have experiences rather than to talk about them.

We ate oatmeal sundays for breakfast (oatmeal with lots of options for toppings), and headed back to tzad aleph/A-side for showers and Yom American Adventure.

Solelim Banot sure had an awesome Girlgar!

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