Solelim Yom Sport


Solelim campers easily held the prize for most enthusiastic edah of Yom Sport. Both the campers and ruach (spirit) of Solelim were evenly distributed over all four teams. Red team Solelimers were such a dominant part of their team that they gave themselves a new name: “Rolelimers.”. Green team Solelimers paved the way for victory during a competitive game of “Apples to Apples.” White team Solelimers impressed the entire camp during the Tzad Aleph (A-side) portion of their team dance.


But when all the points were tallied, blue team solelimers reigned victorious for the Yom Sport of Kayitz (summer) 2012. From sports to trivia, shira (song) to rikud (dance), Yom Sport was a day of fun and sun for the entire edah.

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