Solelim Enjoys Shabbat


Our whole Edah gathered in a circle on Friday afternoon and listened to a story about trust and Makom Kadosh/holy space that set the tone for the theme of this Shabbat, which was building trust within the Edah at camp, and the ways in which trust creates a kehilah kedosha, a holy community. Services in the grove were beautiful, and they were followed by a joyous Friday night meal and singing. At services on Shabbat morning, the Torah service was enhanced with questions about this week’s parasha/portion, Hukkat. The questions revolved around characters in the story such as Moshe and his relationship with God and about trust. After a restful afternoon, full of games and sports and storytelling, Solelim gathered together for a trust walk through an obstacle course. We discussed trust in small groups and related it to the issues between God and Moshe in the parasha. Shabbat ended with Solelim singing Havdallah together in a circle on the Migrash. Shavua tov!

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