Solelim Finds the CLUES to Discover the Torah!

On Tuesday, after our regular morning schedule of tfilot (prayers), aruchat boker (breakfast), and nikayon (cleaning), the madrichim (counselors) entertained the whole edah with a dramatic skit about a missing Torah. They needed the help of Solelim to figure out with what was the Torah stolen, from where was it stolen, and who actually stole it?!

We began the day splitting into five groups, and each chanich (camper) decorated an inspector badge to wear prominently throughout the day. Each group created a name and a cheer, and then presented themselves to the rest of the edah.

The morning involved five, timed, team building activities, such as a relay race, a matching game, and the island game (getting the whole team from one side of a field to another using only three pieces of cardboard). At the end of each activity, the chanichim (campers) received a clue as to the object with which the Torah was stolen. By completing all activities, they put the puzzle together and discovered it was stolen with a tallit.

After a relaxing picnic lunch, we gathered again for water activities. Drip drip drop and water toss were by far the favorites!!

In the afternoon, the tzrifim (bunks) participated in their own activities. Two of the tzrifim even went to Rondeau’s, our delicious ice-cream shop down the road! We reconvened for a photo scavenger hunt, where the chanichim (campers) learned that the Torah was taken from the previous Moadon Solelim (bunk 26).

After a delicious cookout dinner, we returned to tzad aleph (a-side) for our culminating activity…who actually stole the Torah? They received 7 clues about the person, depending on whether or not they completed different challenges. When we gathered back together in the moadon, we learned that Rami Schwartzer, our programming director, had “borrowed” the Torah. He made a great entrance as the victim, and the chanichim felt quite relieved that we had discovered the culprit!

The day was outstanding, as it was truly a combination of fun and learning! We cannot wait for our next Yom Meyuchad in Solelim!

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