Solelim goes into the woods!

   Yesterday Solelim started out on a trip called Etgar 'challenge'. We started off by doing some fun activities on the ropes course, which included playing a stepping game called 'lava stones,' balancing on a 'whale watch' board, and climbing across a ropes course. The next thing we did was hike ten minutes to the campsite where we set up our tents and prepared for the night. Our wonderful teva 'nature' staff cooked us a delicious dinner of quesadillas and baked apples for desert. We all gathered around the campfire to eat dinner, apples, smores, and sing songs – mostly in Hebrew, and some in English. After dinner it was getting dark and so the campers changed into their pajamas and then had a bit of flashlight time in their tents. I personally sang them some Jewish lullabyes/soothing songs and they fell asleep almost right away. We woke up with the sun, davened (prayed), and ate a delectable breakfast of eggs and stir fried potatoes. Solelim 2010 had a phenomenal time on Etgar, the weather was beautiful and the ruach was awesome!

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